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Aptamer-based Cas14a1 biosensor for amplification-free live pathogenic detection 期刊论文
BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 2022, 卷号: 211, 页码: 6
Authors:  Wei, Yangdao;  Tao, Zhenzhen;  Wan, Lu;  Zong, Chengli;  Wu, Jiajia;  Tan, Xiao;  Wang, Buhua;  Guo, Zixuan;  Zhang, Ling;  Yuan, Haoyu;  Wang, Peng;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Wan, Yi
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CRISPR-Cas  Bacteria diagnostic  Staphylococcus aureus  
trans Single-Stranded DNA Cleavage via CRISPR/Cas14a1 Activated by Target RNA without Destruction 期刊论文
Authors:  Wei, Yangdao;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Zong, Chengli;  Wang, Buhua;  Ge, Xiaolin;  Tan, Xiao;  Liu, Xin;  Tao, Zhenzhen;  Wang, Peng;  Ma, Chunxin;  Wan, Yi;  Li, Jinghong
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CRISPR-Cas14a1  DNA cleavage  pathogenic bacteria  RNA  RNA detection platform  
Combining tag-specific primer extension and magneto-DNA system for Cas14a-based universal bacterial diagnostic platform 期刊论文
BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 2021, 卷号: 185, 页码: 5
Authors:  Song, Fengge;  Wei, Yangdao;  Wang, Peng;  Ge, Xiaolin;  Li, Chaoyang;  Wang, Aimin;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Wan, Yi;  Li, Jinghong
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Bacterial diagnostics  CRISPR-Cas14a  Tag-specific primer extension  Magneto-DNA  
Botulinum toxin as an ultrasensitive reporter for bacterial and SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid diagnostics 期刊论文
BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 2021, 卷号: 176, 页码: 8
Authors:  Song, Fengge;  Shen, Yuanyuan;  Wei, Yangdao;  Yang, Chunrong;  Ge, Xiaolin;  Wang, Aimin;  Li, Chaoyang;  Wan, Yi;  Li, Jinghong
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Bacterial diagnostic  SARS-CoV-2  Botulinum toxin  Fluorescence resonance energy transfer  Colorimetric detection  Biosensors