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Observing change in pelagic animals as sampling methods shift: the case of Antarctic krill 期刊论文
FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE, 2024, 卷号: 11, 页码: 20
Authors:  Hill, Simeon L.;  Atkinson, Angus;  Arata, Javier A.;  Belcher, Anna;  Nash, Susan Bengtson;  Bernard, Kim S.;  Cleary, Alison;  Conroy, John A.;  Driscoll, Ryan;  Fielding, Sophie;  Flores, Hauke;  Forcada, Jaume;  Halfter, Svenja;  Hinke, Jefferson T.;  Huckstadt, Luis;  Johnston, Nadine M.;  Kane, Mary;  Kawaguchi, So;  Krafft, Bjorn A.;  Kruger, Lucas;  La, Hyoung Sul;  Liszka, Cecilia M.;  Meyer, Bettina;  Murphy, Eugene J.;  Pakhomov, Evgeny A.;  Perry, Frances;  Pinones, Andrea;  Polito, Michael J.;  Reid, Keith;  Reiss, Christian;  Rombola, Emilce;  Saunders, Ryan A.;  Schmidt, Katrin;  Sylvester, Zephyr T.;  Takahashi, Akinori;  Tarling, Geraint A.;  Trathan, Phil N.;  Veytia, Devi;  Watters, George M.;  Xavier, Jose C.;  Yang, Guang
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ecosystem monitoring  population change  Antarctic kill  fishery management  new technologies  
Stepping stones towards Antarctica: Switch to southern spawning grounds explains an abrupt range shift in krill 期刊论文
Authors:  Atkinson, Angus;  Hill, Simeon L.;  Reiss, Christian S.;  Pakhomov, Evgeny A.;  Beaugrand, Gregory;  Tarling, Geraint A.;  Yang, Guang;  Steinberg, Deborah K.;  Schmidt, Katrin;  Edwards, Martin;  Rombola, Emilce;  Perry, Frances A.
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abrupt community shift  Antarctic krill  ecosystem shift  euphausiid  management  marine protected areas  range shift  recruitment  spawning  
Developing priority variables ("ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables" - eEOVs) for observing dynamics and change in Southern Ocean ecosystems 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS, 2016, 卷号: 161, 页码: 26-41
Authors:  Constable, Andrew J.;  Costa, Daniel P.;  Schofield, Oscar;  Newman, Louise;  Urban, Edward R., Jr.;  Fulton, Elizabeth A.;  Melbourne-Thomas, Jessica;  Ballerini, Tosca;  Boyd, Philip W.;  Brandt, Angelika;  de la Mare, Willaim K.;  Edwards, Martin;  Eleaume, Marc;  Emmerson, Louise;  Fennel, Katja;  Fielding, Sophie;  Griffiths, Huw;  Gutt, Julian;  Hindell, Mark A.;  Hofmann, Eileen E.;  Jennings, Simon;  La, Hyoung Sul;  McCurdy, Andrea;  Mitchell, B. Greg;  Moltmann, Tim;  Muelbert, Monica;  Murphy, Eugene;  Press, Anthony J.;  Raymond, Ben;  Reid, Keith;  Reiss, Christian;  Rice, Jake;  Salter, Ian;  Smith, David C.;  Song, Sun;  Southwell, Colin;  Swadling, Kerrie M.;  Van de Putte, Anton;  Willis, Zdenka
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Ocean Observing  Antarctica  Southern Ocean Observing System  Essential Variables  Ecosystem Change  Monitoring Systems  Ecosystem Management  Indicators