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Relationship between differential retention of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis and variations in enzyme activity in the scallop Patinopecten yessoensis 期刊论文
MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 2010, 卷号: 60, 期号: 9, 页码: 1600-1605
Authors:  Li, Bin;  Chen, Bijuan;  Qi, Zhanhui;  Jiang, Zengjie;  Zhang, Jihong;  Fang, Jianguang
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Patinopecten Yessoensis  Escherichia Coli  Enterococcus Faecalis  Bacterial Retention  Enzyme Activity  
Divergent selection and realized heritability for growth in the Japanese scallop, Patinopecten yessoensis Jay 期刊论文
AQUACULTURE RESEARCH, 2010, 卷号: 41, 期号: 9, 页码: 1315-1321
Authors:  Liang, Jun;  Zhang, Guofan;  Zheng, Huaiping;  Zhang, GF, Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Oceanol, Key Lab Expt Marine Biol, 7 Nanhai Rd, Qingdao 266071, Shandong, Peoples R China
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Japanese Scallop  Patinopecten Yessoensis  Divergent Selection  Response To Selection  Heritability  Genetic Gain