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Two Ultraviolet Radiation Datasets that Cover China
Liu, Hui1,2; Hu, Bo1; Wang, Yuesi1; Liu, Guangren1; Tang, Liqin3; Ji, Dongsheng1; Bai, Yongfei4; Bao, Weikai5; Chen, Xin6; Chen, Yunming7; Ding, Weixin8; Han, Xiaozeng9; He, Fei10; Huang, Hui11; Huang, Zhenying4; Li, Xinrong12; Li, Yan14; Liu, Wenzhao7; Lin, Luxiang13; Ouyang, Zhu15; Qin, Boqiang16; Shen, Weijun17; Shen, Yanjun18; Su, Hongxin4; Song, Changchun9; Sun, Bo8; Sun, Song19; Wang, Anzhi6; Wang, Genxu20; Wang, Huimin15; Wang, Silong6; Wang, Youshao11; Wei, Wenxue10; Xie, Ping21; Xie, Zongqiang4; Yan, Xiaoyuan8; Zeng, Fanjiang14; Zhang, Fawei22; Zhang, Yangjian15; Zhang, Yiping13; Zhao, Chengyi14; Zhao, Wenzhi12; Zhao, Xueyong12; Zhou, Guoyi17; Zhu, Bo20
文章类型Data Paper
摘要Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has significant effects on ecosystems, environments, and human health, as well as atmospheric processes and climate change. Two ultraviolet radiation datasets are described in this paper. One contains hourly observations of UV radiation measured at 40 Chinese Ecosystem Research Network stations from 2005 to 2015. CUV3 broadband radiometers were used to observe the UV radiation, with an accuracy of 5%, which meets the World Meteorology Organization's measurement standards. The extremum method was used to control the quality of the measured datasets. The other dataset contains daily cumulative UV radiation estimates that were calculated using an all-sky estimation model combined with a hybrid model. The reconstructed daily UV radiation data span from 1961 to 2014. The mean absolute bias error and root-mean-square error are smaller than 30% at most stations, and most of the mean bias error values are negative, which indicates underestimation of the UV radiation intensity. These datasets can improve our basic knowledge of the spatial and temporal variations in UV radiation. Additionally, these datasets can be used in studies of potential ozone formation and atmospheric oxidation, as well as simulations of ecological processes.
关键词Ultraviolet Radiation Observation Hybrid Model Reconstruction China
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Liu, Hui,Hu, Bo,Wang, Yuesi,et al. Two Ultraviolet Radiation Datasets that Cover China[J]. ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES,2017,34(7):805-815.
APA Liu, Hui.,Hu, Bo.,Wang, Yuesi.,Liu, Guangren.,Tang, Liqin.,...&Zhu, Bo.(2017).Two Ultraviolet Radiation Datasets that Cover China.ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES,34(7),805-815.
MLA Liu, Hui,et al."Two Ultraviolet Radiation Datasets that Cover China".ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 34.7(2017):805-815.
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